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I've lived in Miramichi for over 40 years, and painted for the last 20 years or so, on and off. When I started painting more seriously again in the 21st century, I used mostly watercolours, then acrylics, but I'm now mostly painting in oils.

I've never been to an art school or taken any courses, though I have had a few lessons over the years (with Harvey Trappe in Nova Scotia in the 1970's and Joyce Johnston here in Miramichi in the 2000's), but I have had no formal training (just like William Hung).

I hope you enjoy the paintings on my site. Use the Send Comments or the Contact link at the bottom to drop me a note if you do.

Thanks, Brent.

(Footnote: If it seems pretensious to call it "Fine Art," what that actually means is that this art is purely decorative and has no other purpose, unlike an artistically crafted wrought iron railing or a piece of furniture. Although I have sat in some chairs that were not really functional, so they were more like Fine Art as well.)

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