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Beach Wave | Acrylic on canvas | 24x36"

This is an imaginary scene. The color scheme was based on a tissue box with blue and aqua tones. Wy wife had a lot of helpful input. NFS.
Orchids | Acrylic on canvas | 20x10"

We bought this Phalaenopsis orchid a few years back. It flowers about 50% of the time. The pot has a light diamond texture I wanted to capture. I experimented with a background of rectangular brushstrokes. Available
Barn and Cardinals | Acrylic on canvas | 8x10"

A composite based on several photos. I thought the cardinals added a touch of life and motion to an otherwise static composition. Available
Autumn Birches | Acrylic on canvas | 4x4x1.5"

A scene of birches in autumn. I gave this one to my Nan. NFS
Ketch in Back Harbour, Lunenburg NS | Watercolour on 140# paper | 5x7"

This is a quick sketch of a ketch in the Back Harbour at Lunenburg.
Blue Flag | Watercolour on 90# paper | 5x7"

A wild iris growing in our front garden. Just a quick sketch.
Villa in Europe | Watercolour on 140# paper | 11x15"

This is an imaginary scene comprised of bits and pieces of various photos others have taken. I inserted a woman feeding the chickens on a whim.
Boat At Anchor | Watercolour on 140# paper | 3x3"

An imaginary scene of a boat at anchor in a peaceful cove. This was just a practice on a scrap of paper, but I decided to mount it on painted MDF and seal with matte acrylic archival spray.
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