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Blue Jay Icy Branches | Acrylic on canvas | 6x6"

A bluejay in winter sitting on an ice-covered branch. 2022.12.1 Given to a friend
Blue Jay After Ice Storm | Acrylic on canvas | 12x12"

This is painted on a made-in-Canada Gotrick canvas. The bluejay is based on a photograph taken by Robert Shortall. I added the red berry for a little more colour. 2022.12.15 Available
Chickadee | Acrylic on canvas | 4x4x1.5"

A wintery scene with red berries. Available
Bumblebee on Lily of the Valley | Acrylic on canvas | 4x4x1.5"

This was a bee in our front garden on our Lily of the Valley flowers. It's a little painting for my granddaughter.
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