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Non-representational art is a more accurate term than abstract art, since all art, even hyper-realistic, is to some degree abstracted from reality. It's the kind of art that makes your elderly aunt ask, "What's that supposed to be a painting of?"
Sunset City | Acrylic on canvas panel | 4 x 5"

I mixed a deep red and then some colours that felt right. I let the forms flow and this was the result.
Night Beach | Acrylic on canvas panel | 4 x 5"

The cool evening air after a hot day.
Under the Waves | Acrylic on canvas panel | 4 x 5"

Cool greens and blues are the colours I choose.
Rothfaux | Transparent acrylic on canvas | 4 x 4 x 1.5"

In this little piece I explored optical colour mixing. Colour is created by glazing with layers of transparent acrylic colour; quin magenta, benz yellow, and phtalo blue, each mixed with clear acrylic medium. Light shines through the acrylic and aquires colour, then reflects from the white and gives the colour a greater than usual luminosity. The heavy layers of medium resulted in some interesting cracking.
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