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Nova Seal | Watercolour on 140# paper | 9x12" (SOLD)

The Nova Seal was a fishing boat moored at the dock in Alma New Brunswick on the Bay of Fundy. At high tide, the boats float at the dock. When the enormous Fundy tide goes out, the boats settle high and dry on the sea floor. I chose this scene to highlight the sparkling water and the looming highlands in the background. Sold
Dunes at Kouchibouguac | Watercolour on 140# paper | 9x12" (SOLD)

Kouchibouguac is a national park on the coast a little way south of Miramichi. I took this photo back in the 1980's. The fishers here back their boats into the dunes to load and unload as a natural dock. Sold
Blue Rocks | Watercolour on 140# paper | 5x7"

Blue Rocks is just outside of the Unesco World Heritage site of Lunenburg. It's sometimes referred to as the poor man's Peggy's Cove. But Blue Rocks has a charm all its own. This is a boat in a tiny natural harbour used by recreational and fishing boats.

We visited in about 2010 and, as you'd expect, I took a LOT of photos. Available
Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove | Watercolour on 140# paper | 11x15" (SOLD)

The lighthouse at Peggy's Cove is an iconic image in Atlantic Canada. This was a commissioned piece. Sold
Poppies on the Lakeshore | Acrylic on canvas | 3 12x24" triptych

I saw a photo online with poppies against a 'bokeh' sparkling light on the water. It inspired this triptych.

The red in the poppies is actually 3 layers of transparent acrylic colour; quin magenta, benz yellow, and phtalo blue, each mixed with clear acrylic medium. Light shining through the acrylic aquires intense colour. 2020.8 NFS
Plovers and Amet | Oil on canvas | 10x20"

Amet Island is the location of a navigational light off the north shore of Nova Scotia. A tiny pancake shaped island, it's the perfect place for nesting birds. I inserted a flock of plovers into an otherwise sparse painting of Amet Island as if viewed from a boat off shore. We visited this coast of Nova Scotia in the 2010's. 2022.11
A Study in Green | Oil on canvas | 10x20"

This imaginary scene is typical of what can be found on the tree lined shores and inlets of Miramichi river. It's an area noted for its fishing, hunting, and timber. Fir and spruce trees predominate in the New Brunswick forests. I've lived here for over 40 years and never tire of the beautiful scenery. 2022.11
Beach Wave | Acrylic on canvas | 24x36"

This is an imaginary scene. The color scheme was based on a tissue box with blue and aqua tones. Wy wife had a lot of helpful input. NFS.
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