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Sketches 2023

White Mug With a Tomato | HB Pencil on scrap bond paper

I finished my tea, so I put a tomato next to my mug and sketched them. I should have used better paper. I should also have used a different pencil; I just grabbed a 0.5mm mechanical pencil. o_O
The Random Cafe | HB Pencil on drawing paper

I sketched this during an online seminar from the Sneaky Sketcher, showing how to sketch quickly.
A Girl | HB Pencil on drawing paper

This is based on an image from the Internet; I have no idea who she is. I liked the light and dark values.
2 Garlic Heads | Charcoal and pencil on drawing paper

I sketched this from a youtube video on value studies.
A flock of plovers showing different poses in flight.
2 Goldfinches | Charcoal and pencil on drawing paper

Sketched from an old calendar.
BlueJay | Charcoal on drawing paper

Preliminary sketch for the painting.

Older Sketches

There was Internet challenge to draw a cheeta. (Never trust a cheeta; they will not follow the rules) This is my entry, but somehow it got lost. HB pencil on drawing paper.
An early sketch of the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove for a commission.
A line drawing of Canada Geese in flight. I didn't 'fix' it, so much of the pencil is lost.
Part of the birch tree in our yard.
Objects arranged on a shelf. A candlestick, a pot with an African Violet, and a frame containing a picture of me when I was growing an ill-advised mustache over 40 years ago.
An early attempt at figure sketching. It was based on a picture in a magazine or catalog, I forget which. I knew nothing about proper proportions at this point. Now that I know a little, I say
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