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Peeled Orange | Oil on stretched canvas | 160x20"

I half-peeled a mandarin orange and positioned it on my desk. Colours: Cadmium yellow light, quinacridone magenta, ultramarine blue, raw umber, burnt sienna, titanium white.
2024.03.24 Available
Mandarins with Delft Plate | Oil on stretched canvas | 16x20"

Carolyn gave us this Delft plate. I composed it with part of our breakfast, the mandarins. They've been long since eaten, sorry.
2024.02.20 Available
Master copy of Mondrian's Oranges | Oil on stretched canvas | 8x10"

A friend messaged me a picture and asked if I could paint something like this (Piet Mondriaan's "Oranges"). So I did.
2024.02.13 Commission piece
Apart | Oil on canvas | 10x20"

My wife brought home three pears, two with long stems. I arranged them on a plane surface. Even small differences can divide us.
2023.05.01 Available
Apple and Cherries| Oil on canvas panel | 8x10"

A still life exercise, photo supplied by Chris Fornataro.
2023.03.20 Available
Two Garlic Heads | Oil on canvas | 6x6"

Two heads of hardneck garlic.
2023.02.01 Available
Blue Hydrangeas | Oil on canvas | 12x16"

From a combination of photos and imagination. Frame is reclaimed from a print we bought years ago that had faded.
2023.02.01 Available
Orchids | Acrylic on canvas | 20x10"

We bought this Phalaenopsis orchid a few years back. It flowers about 50% of the time. The pot has a light diamond texture I wanted to capture. I experimented with a background of rectangular brushstrokes. Available
Alstromeria | Acrylic on canvas | 16x20"

This is a bouquet of flowers we got from the local grocery store. I painted it mainly as an exercise in painting the glass vase. The palette for this painting was limited to titanium white, ultramarine blue, burnt umber, yellow ochre, and quinacridone magenta.
I added the fallen petal as a reminder of the transient nature of flowers. And people. 2021 Available
Poppies on the Lakeshore | Acrylic on canvas | 3 12x24" triptych

I saw a photo online with poppies against a 'bokeh' sparkling light on the water. It inspired this triptych.

The red in the poppies is actually 3 layers of transparent acrylic colour; quin magenta, benz yellow, and phtalo blue, each mixed with clear acrylic medium. Light shining through the acrylic aquires intense colour. 2020.8 NFS
Orchid | Acrylic on canvas | 4x4"

A Phalaenopsis orchid face-on. NFS
Orchid Spray | Acrylic on canvas | 4x4"

One branch of a Phalaenopsis orchid. NFS
Yellow Daisies | Oil on canvas | 8x10"

A small painting featuring a blue vase.
2022.12.30 NFS
Jug of Flowers | Watercolour on 90# paper | 7x9"

An imaginary composition, these are flowers from a seed catalog and a cream pitcher from our kitchen. Done as a commission but never picked up, so it's available.
New Guinea Impatiens | Watercolour on 90# paper | 7x9"

Painted based on white and pink New Guinea Impatiens in our window box. Now property of my Nan. NFS
Marigolds | Acrylic on canvas | 7x9"

Mixed colour marigolds. An exploration of colours and contrast. Available
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